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When you need a craft beer consultant to teach you the ins and outs of craft beer marketing or a craft distillery consultant to help you perfect your social media strategy, you can count on The Crafty Cask to have your back as an experienced guide in the world of craft alcohol marketing. Whether it’s craft wine, whiskey, mead, beer, or sake, we’ve got the know-how to help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.


Our philosophy is to teach you enough about each topic so that you:
  1. Know enough to get started yourself and drive more value with your marketing efforts.
  2. Can decide if each marketing activity is something you can and should do yourself.
  3. Have the depth of knowledge to smartly hire a skill out when it makes sense to do so.
Learn all about our full bootcamp, course bundles, single courses, and more below…

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Marketing Bootcamp

for makers of craft spirits, beer, wine, cider and more

Learn to become the rockstar marketer your brand deserves with this life-time access, all-inclusive 10 course online Marketing Bootcamp for Craft Alcohol Makers. Benefit from our 20+ years of marketing expertise, framed with the unique context of craft alcohol, distilled into bite-size video tutorials, exercises, cheat sheets, and more.

  1. Marketing 101 Foundations
  2. Develop Your Brand Story & Voice
  3. Find Your Consumers & Build Your Tribe
  4. Leverage Free Social Media For Results
  5. Effectively Use Paid Marketing Tactics
  6. Make The Most Of Your Distribution
  7. Build A Website That Works Hard
  8. Create Content That Kills
  9. Grow Virtual & Physical Tasting Room Traffic
  10. Capstone Course: Bringing It All Together

This one-of-a-kind bootcamp is designed to teach the marketing skills you need to hit the ground running and drive real results.

25% OFF vs. buying all 10 courses individually PLUS 5 added bonuses.

Interested in learning more? Watch our free overview of the Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp and meet your instructor here.

It’s very good…

I like the way you have it structured going through building blocks. It creates a nice roadmap to bring you along through all of these various marketing steps.

– Woods Distillery

Suzanne, it’s fantastic!

I love your approach, content, and worksheets. I really think Makers could benefit from this.

– LibDib Craft Spirits & Wine Distributor

Marketing Course Bundles

Choose the marketing resources that best fit your business needs right now.

Not ready to commit to the full Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp or only need help in certain areas? Grab one of our craft alcohol marketing course bundles specifically curated for your brand’s needs.

Remember, if you’re feeling shaky at all on any of the basics it’s critical to nail those before moving into tactics for the best results!

Three craft alcohol marketing courses to help you nail the basics and supercharge your brand’s success.
  1. Marketing 101 Foundations
  2. Develop Your Brand Story & Voice
  3. Find Your Consumers & Build Your Tribe

20% off vs. buying these 3 courses individually

Six craft alcohol marketing courses to put your marketing strategy into practice to fuel your brand’s growth.
  1. Leverage Free Social Media For Results
  2. Effectively Use Paid Marketing Tactics
  3. Make The Most Of Your Distribution
  4. Build A Website That Works Hard
  5. Create Content That Kills
  6. Grow Virtual & Physical Tasting Room Traffic

20% off vs. buying these 6 courses individually

I’m a Suzanne fan!

Suzanne has been a great help when I have had marketing questions and I’m always thankful to her for her speedy and thoughtful responses. I’m a Suzanne fan!

– Hudson Valley Distillers

I have to compliment you.

Suzanne, I have to compliment you. Your product is the most professional I have come across. If the rest are as good you should have a hit on your hands.

– West Branch Malt & Distilleries

Individual Marketing Courses

Snag the craft alcohol marketing courses that are exactly what you need right now.

Though the spectrum of craft alcohol is vast, maybe you only need help on one topic from a craft beer consultant or require distillery, cidery, winery, or microbrewery consultant services in a specific area. The solution? Individual marketing courses for each subsection of the craft alcohol marketing realm.

Remember, if you think you may eventually need more support, the bundles and full bootcamp, above, save you money & have added bonuses.

Develop Your Brand Story & Voice

Learn more

Find Your Consumers & Build your Tribe

Learn more

Make the Most of Your Distribution

Learn more

Leverage Free Social Media For Results

Learn more

Build A Website That Works Hard

Learn more

Grow Virtual & Physical  Tasting Room Traffic

Learn more

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