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We know it’s not easy to keep up with marketing while you are running a business and perfecting your craft, so we are here to do the legwork for you. This is the home of our free marketing resources, curated for the craft maker community who we love helping succeed.

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Our friend and multi-virtual tasting feature, Alex from One Eight Distilling

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We all need connection

It’s great that you put this together. One of the things we put together early on was 3Cs of Ethic – cultivate, craft, & connect. I gotta say, this technology and what we’ve been able to do with connection is amazing. We all need connection and this is really amazing to be able to do this.

– Ethic Ciders

Lovely to work with!

Not only do I love working with Suzanne because she is an excellent translator of our story, but she’s lovely to work with! She has a very clear understanding of what our customers need from us is so very helpful in making marketing decisions and helping execute in our voice. Couldn’t recommend Suzanne and The Crafty Cask more.

– Charbay Distillery

Free Marketing Resources & Downloads

Tools, templates, cheatsheets and courses to help craft makers grow their brands.

Here’s a sneak preview of a few of the freebies you’ll immediately get access to when you subscribe to our craft maker marketing newsletter. We’re big believers in teaching Craft Makers how to fish vs. making you dependent on others. While we have our full Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp, sometimes we get a question so often we want to share a piece of the learning and love with as many craft makers as we can. Free resources, yay!

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CRM Primer & Success Criteria

Customers are the key to your success. And a CRM, or a Customer Relationship Management system will allow individuals and teams across your organization maximize their customer communications and sales efforts. It empowers your team to build relationships more effectively, keep track of progress, automate activities and provide the best experience from awareness to interest to purchase and beyond. This guide will walk you through the many benefits of a CRM and help you choose the best one for your business.

Acronyms in voice bubbles
Digital Acronym Cheat Sheet

We’ve all experienced that awkward moment when we have no idea what people are talking about when it seems everyone else does. Acronyms have become a critical part of language, especially in today’s digital world. To help in your Marketing Rockstar journey it’s important you speak the language and know what others mean when using acronyms on or related to Social Media, or even with  Marketing in general.

So, WYDRN? Let’s vanquish that FOMO and up your social lingo FTW. YW.

Notebook showing words goal, plan, action
Paid Marketing Planner

When it comes to paid marketing tactics there are a lot of options available, which means it can be confusing to know where to start.

This Paid Campaign Planner provides two tools. A paid tactic comparison guide, to help you get familiar with different paid tactics, and a  planning worksheet.

Using these tools will ensure you think through all key components related to your marketing objective and set each paid tactic up for success and better return on your investment.

Colorful pens on notebook
Marketing Plan Template (MUG)
Read our article on Marketing Planning or  “Just Say No To Marketing” in Distiller Magazine recently? Then you need your Marketing Understanding Guide to help you strategically plan your marketing to achieve your goals! Getting clear on your business and marketing goals then lining up your marketing strategies and tactics accordingly will help you recognize the right opportunities when they come along and say no to those that are more distracting than valuable.

Click here for a primer on how to use your MUG along with a video that walks you through an example using the SMART goal setting strategy.

Calendar pages
Social Media Scheduling Guide

Social media is critically important in today’s business and consumer environment. One of the most important success factors is showing up with consistent content, but when you’re a small business owner with many hats that can feel hard and overwhelming. By batching your content monthly it IS achievable and will drive better results. This guide walks you through our favorite scheduling tool & ensures you’re set up to leverage it to maximize your brand’s social media results and efficiency.

Stacks of coins and plants showing growth
Marketing Budget Planning

Resources are limited, we get it. If you’re serious about building a brand though, under-resourcing your marketing will cost you more in the long run. It’s not about having a HUGE marketing budget, it’s about having one at all and one that matches your goals realistically.

Even if you go through these exercises and decide that you can’t fully fund your ideal budget just yet it’s incredibly valuable to know what a good marketing budget would look like to achieve your growth goals. This will give you idea of common marketing budget buckets and help you think about your needs over time.

Free Courses

Get started with a FREE COURSE to see if The Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp is right for you!
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Marketing Bootcamp Overview

Learn more

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Instagram Hashtags Mini Course

Learn more

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Marketing Bootcamp for Makers

of Craft Spirits, Beer, Wine, Cider and More

Learn to become the rockstar marketer your brand deserves with this life-time access, all-inclusive 10 course online Marketing Bootcamp for Craft Alcohol Makers. Benefit from our 20+ years of marketing expertise, framed with the unique context of craft alcohol, and distills it all down into bite-size video tutorials, exercises, cheat sheets, and more.

Video thumbnail with founder Suzanne Henrickson
  1. Marketing 101 Foundations
  2. Develop Your Brand Story & Voice
  3. Find Your Consumers & Build Your Tribe
  4. Leverage Free Social Media For Results
  5. Effectively Use Paid Marketing Tactics
  6. Make The Most Of Your Distribution
  7. Build A Website That Works Hard
  8. Create Content That Kills
  9. Grow Virtual & Physical Tasting Room Traffic
  10. Capstone Course: Bringing It All Together

This one-of-a-kind bootcamp is designed to teach the marketing skills you need to hit the ground running and drive real results.

$2,673  $1,997

25% OFF vs. buying courses individually PLUS 5 added bonuses.

Interested in learning more? Watch our free overview of the Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp and meet your instructor here.

Extremely enjoyable experience

Suzanne is a true story teller; her voice shines through in her work, while still being able to capture the story behind the different brands she works with. She has a true attention to detail that is hard to find in the fast-moving age of technology. Working with the Crafty Cask was an extremely enjoyable experience, and we at Silver Tree Beer & Spirits are excited to continue working together in all of their future endeavors.

– Silver Tree Beer & Spirits

Delivered exactly what was needed

I must tell you what a great job you are doing with Crafty Cask, in particular the content quality and your star presence. You delivered exactly what was needed in the FB shoot – a real animated dialogue, and you relieved me of the possibly pedantic role of explaining too much with your knowledgeable and equal contribution to the explanation of sidra and directing my comments to the particulars that set CoS apart and that reveal our story.

– Ciders of Spain

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