12 Ways Our Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp Will Grow Your Business

As a small business owner you’re wearing a million hats, trying to learn every aspect of creating and running a successful business, and it often feels like you’re doing it all yourself. Trust me, as a small business owner myself, I get it. Learn finance! Learn operations and HR! Learn sales! Learn marketing! The list goes on, and on. And with the plethora of information that exists out there today it’s real easy to fall down a learning rabbit hole, realizing when you finally come up for air that you’re now more confused and overwhelmed then when you started. That’s exactly why I created our Marketing Bootcamp for Craft Alcohol Makers.

To save all of you, our Craft Maker friends and clients, from the overwhelm of marketing. Taking my 12 years of corporate marketing experience, adding in my 3 years of feeling like I had to learn marketing all over again when I started my own small business, leveraging all of the amazing resources and people I’ve discovered along the way. It’s all curated and distilled down to exactly what you need to know to become the Rockstar marketer your brand deserves.

I also created our Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp because what I saw out there in the craft alcohol industry was concerning to me. Time, and time again I met craft makers creating incredible spirits, beer, wine, cider, sake, mead…you name it…and they were almost all saying the same things:

“I don’t have time to learn marketing! I’ll figure out how to learn marketing once my product is ready. Actually, maybe once my tasting room is finished. Actually…”
“We have great distribution! Sales aren’t great, but that just takes time, right?”
“Oh! We know our target consumer, sure. They’re craft spirits drinkers who like rum, whiskey, and the other spirits we make.”
“As long as our product is good we don’t need marketing!”
“Sure, we do marketing. We’re on social media!” 
“I mean we don’t have a marketing budget or anything, but we know marketing is important to build our brand.”
“Our brand story? Well, we’re craft. And local.”

Any of this sound familiar?!

This is the sound of small business owners shortchanging the growth potential of their business. It’s hard to face the reality of the highly competitive industry that craft alcohol is today, but if you don’t face that reality and continue to put marketing on the back burner then you’re missing out on incredible business growth and opportunity because of it.

Sure, are there stories of viral distilleries and breweries that blew up overnight with seemingly no marketing? Absolutely.

Was that back when craft alcohol was still relatively new with little competition? Most likely.

Or did they actually do great marketing that didn’t look or feel like marketing? Probably.

Is banking on your brand to magically become that next overnight success story a good business strategy? Absolutely not.

Marketing can be the most effective tool to grow your brand and increase your odds of huge success. And if you do it well it doesn’t look like the marketing you may be envisioning from the past. But you have to learn marketing, at least to some degree, in order to put that tool to work for your brand. And that, is exactly what our online marketing classes in our marketing bootcamp are intended to do. Teach you enough to be effective, but not so much that it consumes you and takes you away from other pressing business needs.

What Is The Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp?

Ok, so let’s dive into what, exactly, this marketing bootcamp is and how it will help you grow your business. The Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp is a series of 10 (currently – we have at least one new course planned for next year already) online marketing classes intended to help you learn marketing topic by topic and apply it to your business to drive growth.

Each course has a series of video lectures, action sheets and exercises to ensure you apply what you learn to your brand, and tons of bonus marketing resources, cheat sheets, guides, and more. But what will you learn to help you grow your business in these online marketing classes? I’m glad you asked. Let’s jump in: 

12 Ways To Grow When You Learn Marketing Strategically:

1: Design A Marketing Plan To Achieve Goals

We bust myths, ensure you truly understand the marketing of today vs. yesteryear, and introduce the importance of strategically setting up your marketing plan and budget to ensure every activity and cent drives real business results.

2: Differentiate Your Brand To Compete

We walk you through how to develop your unique brand story & voice so everything you put out there is accurate, consistent, & compelling. This minimizes waste, better attract your consumer, and makes you more competitive.

3: Understand Your Tribe To Cut Waste

It’s critical to understand and identify your target consumer before you develop a single piece of marketing. This ensures all of your efforts resonate & connect to move  your consumer effectively from aware to interested to loyal to ambassador.

4: Grow Your Audience & Consumer Base

Organic Social Media can be a huge time suck if it’s not approached strategically or aligned with business goals. We cover how to do just that, plus dive into how to use Instagram and Facebook to grow  & deliver real results that matter.

5: Increase Returns On Your Paid Marketing

We cover traditional & digital paid marketing tactics with pros & cons, tips & tricks to bring them to life effectively, and a bonus Paid Campaign Planner, to ensure success across every paid tactic you set up,  including Facebook Ads.

6: Activate Distribution To Drive Sales

In today’s complex distribution world, craft makers are often dismayed when they realize their distributor will not be selling or marketing on their behalf. This course teaches you how to drive increased sales through distribution.

7: Find New Consumers While You Sleep

When websites are developed correctly & used as a valuable marketing tool they can deliver huge traffic, leads, and sales. We cover best practices, web development, SEO, & resourcing so your website works hard for your business 24/7.

8: Drive Action With Every Piece of Content

Content is king!
But it can also waste a lot of time for nothing if not done right. This course teaches you content best practices, copywriting basics, storytelling techniques, and how to eaisly build a pipeline of content with limited resources.

9: Increase Tasting Room Traffic & Sales

If you have a physical location you know how critical it is to get feet in the door regularly. This course taps into local marketing tactics, techniques, and best practices to do just that as well as covering some ways to drive repeat visits and create loyalty.

10: Create Sustainable Growth

With everything you’ve learned in the first 9 courses it’s important we bring it all together with the marketing plan & budget we started with to create a sustainable plan for ongoing success. This will make sure you get continual value & results from everything you’ve learned in the Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp.

11: Real-Time Support From Your Community

Community is important, we all know that. As a marketing bootcamp member you’ll get access to our craft makers marketing community for ongoing support, learning, conversation, advice, challenges to keep you focused, and more. Marketing is complex, but it’s a lot easier when you know where to get support in real time.

12: Marketing Resources To Keep You On Top

All full marketing bootcamp members not only get access to current content, but a lifetime of updates, and any new courses (hello, email marketing in 2022!) added to bootcamp. You have your own craft alcohol focused marketing expert in your back pocket, helping you learn, stay on the cutting edge, & grow your brand for life.

While you can certainly enroll in the individual online marketing classes, you really get the most value by participating in the whole marketing bootcamp and going through each class in order. Plus, as a full Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp member you get a whole slew of valuable bonuses which you can read more about here. Being a full member also gives you a real-time, direct line to your instructor and contributing marketing experts. So if new questions arise as the marketing landscape changes or there are topics you’d like to see in future marketing bootcamp content you can ask those questions and provide that input to maximize your value.

Become the Marketing Rockstar Your Brand Deserves

Phew! That is a lot of learning & business growth opportunities packed into our marketing bootcamp, if we do say so ourselves! We’ve spent over a year hustling, researching, getting expert input, and working on these online marketing classes to make them actionable, user-friendly, and chock full of value. With over 30 short video lectures, 20 action sheet exercises, 15 bonus downloads, cheat sheets, templates, and other marketing resources we’re confident that you’ll see the value as it transforms your business at every step while you learn.

Every course is intended to be put into action right away, so even if you take your time completing the full bootcamp your business will see better results right from the start. We’re kicking off a new class in February (starting in 2020 the full bootcamp will only open up to new enrollment two times per year) so if you enroll before then you’ll have a live video Q&A session focused on one course each month, plus bonus challenges and content, to keep you accountable and working on honing your marketing chops.

Are you ready to get serious about marketing and growing your craft alcohol business?

I hope so, helping craft makers learn marketing and learn how to outsource marketing effectively where it makes sense is the best way to show our support of everything you do. I want to see more craft makers succeed, no, thrive…and I’ve designed our Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp to do just that.

Are you ready? Let’s make 2020 the year you become the rockstar marketer your brand deserves!

Not quite ready to commit but still want to improve your marketing? Get access to our free marketing resources here, read up on past marketing related topics, or enroll in our free mini-course on How To Use Hashtags To Grow Your Business

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