How to Outsource Social Media Management

In today’s digital age, social media is the way craft alcohol makers can connect with enthusiasts and elevate their brands. However, for small and growing businesses, managing social media in-house is often overwhelming and time-consuming with everything else on your plate. But fear not, craft alcohol makers! There’s a savvy solution: outsourcing your social media efforts. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of outsourcing social media work, helping you free up time, access expertise, and craft a compelling online presence that leaves a lasting impression.

Why Outsource Social Media?

Imagine having a trusted partner crafting your social media posts, leaving you more time to focus on perfecting your craft. Outsourcing social media isn’t just a trend; it’s a strategic choice that serves a neat blend of benefits. For craft alcohol makers, the advantages are even more pronounced. You can sip on the fruits of outsourcing by:

1. Saving Time and Resources: Craft alcohol making demands dedication, and your time is best spent honing your craft. Outsourcing social media tasks lets you channel your energy into what truly matters – creating exceptional libations.

2. Accessing Expertise: Crafting a compelling social media presence is an art in itself. Outsourcing brings in professionals who understand the nuances of the craft alcohol industry, ensuring your brand message resonates effectively.

3. Focusing on Core Tasks: Running a craft alcohol business involves a multitude of tasks. Outsourcing social media allows you to concentrate on not only making your products but selling them, managing your team, and spending time with customers in real life.

4. Navigating Compliance: The craft alcohol industry is governed by specific regulations and so is your social media. Outsourcing ensures your social media content remains compliant, avoiding any legal issues.

 “It’s really because of you and The Crafty Cask that we feel confident we can do this ourselves now! We’ve taken your advice from the Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp. We’ve filled the roles for things we can let go of which allows us to focus on the higher value work. We’ve finally hit our stride!” 

    Ann Thomas

    Western Reserve Distillers

    Steps to Outsourcing Social Media for Craft Alcohol Makers

    Assess Your Needs

    Before embarking on your outsourcing journey, take a moment to mull over your social media goals. Define your target audience – the connoisseurs who’ll savor your creations – and pinpoint the specific tasks you want to delegate. Are you looking for content creation, posting, engagement, or all of the above?

    Research and Select an Outsourcing Partner

    Much like selecting the perfect blend for your craft alcohol, choosing the right outsourcing partner is key. Seek professionals who not only possess social media expertise but also have a taste for the craft alcohol realm. Their understanding of your industry ensures a harmonious blend of strategy and execution.

    Did You Know The Crafty Cask Manages Social Media For Craft Maker Clients?

    With creative marketing solutions and select project-based craft alcohol marketing services, we right size our offerings to fit the needs of brand new and established craft alcohol brands.

    Need someone who really knows craft alcohol to manage your social media for you? We create and publish your content according to your brand guidelines and you use our systems & processes to provide feedback and approve to drive results through your social media efforts.


    Define Clear Expectations

    A clear recipe is the foundation of a successful craft alcohol. Similarly, outline your expectations for the outsourcing partner. Communicate your brand’s unique voice, values, and aesthetics. Discuss content style, posting frequency, and the key performance indicators that matter most to your brand.

    Collaboration and Strategy Development

    Mix your insights with the expertise of your outsourcing partner. Collaborate to develop a tailored social media strategy that aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your audience. Regular consultations ensure your brand’s voice remains distinct and authentic.

    Content Creation and Scheduling

    Let the creativity flow as your outsourcing partner crafts captivating content with your brand needs in mind– enticing imagery, enticing captions, and strategic hashtags. The concoction is then expertly scheduled to hit the digital shelves at peak engagement times, reaching your audience when they’re most receptive.

    Keep in mind, unless your social media partner is on-site, your team will need to regularly provide updated photos and videos for use. Or, you can hire a freelance photographer and videographer, like many of our clients do, to work directly with your social media partner to ensure they have the content they need to make your social media a success. 

    Monitoring and Engagement

    Engagement on social media is the most important part. Decide if you will entrust your outsourcing partner to monitor comments, messages, and interactions or if someone on your team will continue to manage that responsibility. Timely responses and genuine engagement cultivate a loyal online community, much like providing great service to  patrons in your tasting room.

    Analyzing and Adjusting

    Just as crafting your perfect blend takes time and tweaks, so does refining your social media strategy. Regularly analyze performance metrics like engagement rates, reach, and follower growth. Collaborate with your outsourcing partner to adjust the mix, ensuring your brand’s online presence continually evolves. 

    Outsourcing Social Media

    Make the Right Call For Your Brand

    Outsourcing social media for your craft alcohol business isn’t a shortcut; it’s a strategic move that infuses your brand with the right blend of professionalism and passion. By handing over social media to experts, you’re liberated to pour your heart into crafting the finest libations.

    Often, clients come to The Crafty Cask to help them develop the correct processes and strategies and manage their social media for 6-months to a year as a way to learn how to best manage this critical piece of marketing. Then, we happily hand over the reigns to an internal team member to keep the momentum going and bring social media back in house. However you want to improve your social media approach, The Crafty Cask is here to support you. If you’re interested in learning more set up a call with our founder now.

    Cheers to unlocking the doors of success, one well-crafted social media post at a time!

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