4 SEO Content Writing Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Keeping search engine optimization in mind while writing content is so important for business growth, and having an SEO content strategy on hand makes it so much easier. 

2021 is the year we decided our website needed an upgrade, so SEO content writing as been at the front of our minds. We have rounded up a few of our favorite tips to keep on hand while creating articles for our website to ensure they are user friendly and easily found on search engines.

We got all of these stats from SEM Rush, the SEO tool we use for our own work. Their blog is an excellent resource if you’re looking for more help to master SEO. 

SEO Content Writing Tip #1: Headline

The best titles are 10-13 words in length. These tend to drive 2 times more traffic, and 2.5 times more shares than article with shorter headlines.

Also consider using numbers and action items in your title. The most attractive headlines are lists (2 times more traffic), how-to (1.5 times more shares), and guides (1.5 more shares).

Here’s a few examples of how we could have changed our headline of this article to fit each of these:

List: 4 SEO tips for your content to boost traffic and find new customers
How-to: How to optimize your content for search engines to boost traffic and customers
Guide: Grab our guide to boosting traffic and finding new customers with SEO

Tip #2: Images


Articles with at least 1 image get 4 times more traffic and 1.5 times more shares than articles with no images.

You don’t have to go overboard, but find a few images that compliment your content or help visualize the story you are telling. And don’t forget to include your SEO keywords in the alt text for all of your images as well!

seo content writing

SEO Content Writing Tip #3: Lists


Articles with at least one list per 500 words get 2 times more traffic and 1.5 times more shares than those without.

The truth is, people are in a hurry, and like to consume their information as fast as possible. Attention is naturally drawn to bullet points and sub-headers to help them assess if the topic feels relevant and if they should keep reading.

Tip #4: Length

Articles with 7,000 words or more get 4 times more traffic and 1.5 times more shares than articles with 900-1200 words.


We aren’t saying that shorter articles aren’t successful. Don’t stress yourself over writing novels just to try to fill this word count. Quality is still more important than quantity, and ultimately, the quality and relevance of your content should always be your top priority.

Extra length, however, allows you to fit more of your SEO keywords in more naturally. So, If you feel your topic warrants extra length, go for it. Do a little more research on your topic or ask for other experts to contribute a paragraph or a quote.

There is value in length, but there is more value in quality.

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