FAQs: Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp

Who doesn’t love breaking down some good ‘ole FAQs on one of their favorite topics? Like our Craft Alcohol Digital Marketing Bootcamp!

Let me tell you, there is A LOT of excitement over here at The Crafty Cask! Why? Because we just revamped our Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp to have even more benefits for all of our enrolled makers. 

There’s a whole new plan for increased support, new perks, stronger community, and more. So we want to give you all of the information you need on the questions we get asked the most by craft alcohol makers looking to grow their brands:


FAQ  #1: What actually IS the Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp? 

Our digital marketing bootcamp is a series of 10 online courses that you can take on your own time, anywhere you want. Our All-Access Membership is $2,673 worth of value (priced at a 25% discount for the all-access membership) from mine and my team’s 15+ years of marketing experience distilled down into: 

  • 10 online courses (with new ones planned!) which each include 2-3 pillars on different topics. Get the lowdown on all 10 courses here.
  • 12+ hours of video tutorials and lessons (broken down into 3-5 bite sized videos per pillar, roughly 5-15 minutes long each)
  • 9 Action Sheets with 40 exercises to put what you’ve learned into action 
  • 31 bonus downloads, cheat sheets, and templates
  • It also includes tons of additional perks (see FAQ #5!)

You can enroll in full access to all 10 courses (we have a new class of makers kicking off together every year, but you can always join at any time), our Marketing Basics 3-Course Bundle, our Marketing Tactics 6-Course Bundle, or individual courses that focus on one topic as you need it. 

FAQ  #2: Do I have to sit down and watch all of these videos?

No! You can watch them at your desk on the computer, on your couch in the evening, or listen to them like a podcast from you phone while you’re on the go.

The important part is dedicating the time to apply them to your business afterwords with the action sheets. That’s where the true value is and where you’ll spend most of your time.

FAQ  #3: What if I fall behind? Or can’t commit certain weeks or months?

The beauty of our courses is they are completely self-paced and self-contained. So you absolutely can do everything faster or slower if needed.

We just find our students have greater success applying what they learn in real time with the support of others. You can also skip classes and come back to them as needed (although we do suggest taking the first 3 in order.)

FAQ  #4: This is a lot of money to invest for a small business owner like me. What if I don’t like it?

If you know our founder, Suzanne, at all you know she ALWAYS stands behind our products and services and strives to do the right thing for everyone involved. And that includes our digital marketing bootcamp.

Listen, we get it…money is tight for all of us running our own businesses. The thing to keep in mind though, is without the right marketing understanding and training you’re likely throwing away at least what it costs to enroll in Bootcamp each year already. In wasted marketing time, money, and people resources. If you were to hire a marketing agency, which we know seems like the “easy” way, you’d likely be spending at least $2k per month…and often that cost only covers 1-2 tactical areas like social media and a monthly newsletter!

We are confident that these classes will help you market your brand smarter, more effectively, save you money, and increase the returns you see on all of your marketing going forward. Including the return you’ll get if you do decide to hire a marketing agency.

We’re so confident in this, in fact, that we have a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you’ve tried out the classes during those 30 days and aren’t happy or you feel like it’s not what you expected just reach out to Suzanne. If she can’t make it right she’ll refund 100% of your money.

FAQ  #5: What perks do I get besides these online courses full of marketing education?

Well, here’s the short list, but honestly, we come up with new ideas every day so the perks of joining our Craft Alcohol Digital Marketing Bootcamp  are constantly growing…

  • Guided email support, reminders, and additional tips, challenges, and content to help keep you on track.
  • Regular drop-in office hours with Suzanne for personalized and immediate support as you go.
  • Virtual educational happy hours with an expert on the course topic to dive even deeper.
  • Member exclusive discounts on products and services that can elevate your marketing game. (professional product photography, branding services, etc)
  • A private community of other craft  makers that are in your exact same boat. Just imagine the networking, partnership, and new idea possibilities!
  • The opportunity to be featured as a great example in front of both our consumer audience of over 10k craft enthusiasts (hello easy, low-cost marketing!)
  • Lastly, lifetime access to all courses AND new courses that we add to the core Bootcamp over time.

FAQ  #6: Can’t I just hire a marketing agency?

Sure you can. Hell, you can even hire us for certain marketing services if you want to!

Honestly though, we find that until you’ve “learned enough to be dangerous” (as Suzanne likes to say) and truly tried to do some of your own marketing you end up wasting a lot of time and money for subpar results when hiring out.

Our courses will not only teach you how to do your own marketing, but also how to scope projects and hire agencies for success when the need arises. 

    FAQ  #7: How much time will this really take me?

    While 10 courses with 12 hours of video, 40 exercises and over 30 bonus cheat sheets and templates seems like a good value…you’re worried about time. You’re already stretched too thin! 

    If you spend 2 hours per week on your lessons and exercises you’ll stay right on track. And we talk about how to do that in the first course. 

    You’ll never feel like you have excess free time, but we promise it’s doable in bite-size chunks that you can fit in throughout your week. 

      FAQ  #8: Can I share access with others on my team?

      We’ll do  you one better.

      Just shoot us an email and we’ll give them their own digital marketing bootcamp log-in access! Our whole mission is around supporting and celebrating craft alcohol makers and that’s what we’re here to do.

      So, we are TOTALLY fine including multiple people on your team so you can divide and conquer or all learn together! #sharingiscaring

      pssst. This should go without saying, but please don’t share with people outside of your business.

        Do you have a question we didn’t cover here? Grab some time on Suzanne’s calendar or shoot her a message and talk to her directly. She loves meeting new craft makers and will listen to your situation and be honest about if this is a good fit for what you need right now. You’ll also get a little glimpse of the personalized support and attention you can count on once you enroll. After all, we’re in the business of helping craft makers, not getting them to waste their money or time! 

        It’s crazy to think we’re already in year three of the Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp’s existence and we are so excited to have the resources this year to support our new class even better than we’ve been able to in the past. The 2022 class kicks off in late February with the 10-course All Access Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp  with the added benefit (over enrolling at a different time, but you’re welcome to do that too!) of a whole group of makers starting together for increased learning, community building, and the ability to hold each other accountable to drive the best results for their businesses.

        We hope to see you there and watch your brand thrive this year and beyond. 

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