How To Use Instagram Reel Templates

This is the 3rd installment in our 5-Part Instagram Reels Series

Want to save time and energy on your Instagram Reels AND get results? Well, you needto start utilizing the Instagram Reels templates! This is a fast and easy way to get algorithm love and start seeing results fast.

Instagram Reels templates allow you to use existing photos or videos to create a perfectly timed Reel that syncs up with trending audio.


How to Find Instagram Reel Templates

Finding a great reel template can often feel like the hardest part of the whole process…because using the templates is damn easy!

Luckily there are two different ways to find Instagram reel templates…the first is a bit more creative and fun albeit time consuming. Whereas the second one is more direct and to the point, yet limiting. Whichever way you choose, we recommend always saving any templates that you like so that down the road you can simply go back into your saved items and find the ones you’ve already curated for yourself!

Just keep in mind, a template that may have been trending and highly valuable at one point in time may lose it’s luster if you wait too long to use it.  



Two Native Options For Finding Templates: 

1. While scrolling through your home feed or Reels feed you will see the ‘📷 Use template’ button above the Instagram username. Not every Reel will have this option so, you will have to scroll until you find one you would like to utilize.


arrow pointing to an enlarged icon for Instagram Reel Templates

2. The second method is to go to your Instagram Reels feed, and click the 📷 icon in the top right corner. At the bottom, you will swipe over to templates and then you can choose from over 20 different options.

If you don’t find a template that you like or feels fitting using this approach, go back to option number 1 since you can find more templates with that approach, but it does take more time. If you’re not careful you can get sucked down a rabbit hole watching all of these fun, engaging reels and forgetting why you’re there with that first approach to finding Instagram reel templates!


Now That You Have Your Reel Template

Once you have found a template you like, select it and it will bring you to a screen like the one you see here. You’ll see the time stamps for each clip in a Reel and the maximum (you can use fewer though) number of total clips you can use with this template. 

Tap “Add media” to add photo or video clips from your phone camera roll. Just keep in mind the video clips will get trimmed to the length shown. 

After adding your media, select next to add any additional Instagram features to your Reel.

Then you are ready to share your quick and easy template built Reel with the world!

Photo of Instagram Reel Template being used in action

While we always encourage you to get creative with your reels and create unique, original material true to your brand story whenever you can, Instagram reel templates have their place. They are great for when you have a handful of great, related photos you want to share in a way that is more engaging than a carousel. Or, when you’re strapped for time or creativity and just need something easy yet effective. As with any marketing tool though, be careful not to rely on them too heavily and continue to look at your analytics across all types of reels to see what works best for your brand. 

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