4 Ways To Create the Best Craft Spirits Social Media Campaign

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Craft spirits makers, brewers, winemakers, and cider makers face marketing challenges to gain recognition and appreciation for their products. We have four ways to create the best craft spirits social media campaign for your products.

Target the Right Audience

You likely went into the craft spirits business out of passion. You know what you like, and you want others to like it too. You also want them to appreciate the care that goes into production. But to successfully promote your product on social media, you need to target the right audience.

Within legal and industry regulatory boundaries, attract attention to your brand by messaging about a companion interest that makes a good match with your product and your audience. Perhaps your product appeals to outdoorsy types. Or maybe you cater to city dwellers who are more likely to spend time at the opera than on the slopes. Hook into that ethos by deeply understanding your target consumer and coming up with stories about those interests, associating your brand with the ethos of your ideal audience.

Use the Right Platform

Familiarize yourself with the rules and policies of promoting alcoholic beverages laid down by all the major social media platforms. Each is a little different, but the basics include not targeting or depicting minors, not promoting intoxication, and not depicting pregnancy in the presence of alcohol.

Once you have the basics down, remember that different platforms appeal to different demographics. Facebook skews toward the older generation, while Twitter and Instagram have a younger profile, and Tik-Tok has a substantial number of underage users. Tread carefully, depending on your target demographic.

Work With Influencers

Try using social media influencers, as they come with ready-made audiences. It’s your job to determine if those audiences are right for you. Hiring an influencer can be a major expense, which is beyond the budget for many craft operations. Try using an influencer with a following in the 5 or low 6 figures, instead of one with 7 figures. Make sure to also outline clear expectations, brand imperatives, and metrics for success when scoping your work with any influencer. And don’t be afraid to ask them for results from work they’ve done with other brands. An influencer can become a symbol of your brand, so take the time to make sure you find the perfect fit with someone who genuinely loves your product.

Provide Quality Content

In lieu of gimmicky contests with expensive prizes, one of the most effective of these four ways to create the best craft spirits social media campaign is posting quality content on your blog frequently. It’s a top strategy—you do have a blog on your website, right? Make sure to also place content directly in your social media accounts. In other words, make it possible to read or view content directly in your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook posts, instead of clicking away from the feed.

Behind-the-scenes videos of your process, your premises, or your tastings draw interest. Educational online programming is also useful, as it demonstrates what’s special about your brand and your product.

Managing social media accounts while trying to produce a quality product and get a distribution deal can be overwhelming. Engage craft distillery consultants who know the business and can teach you how to pinpoint your target demographic and communicate your product’s personality. More spirits enthusiasts should know about your product—and a good approach to social media can make that happen!

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Navigating Social Media Legally

In the dynamic world of social media, craft alcohol makers face both opportunities and challenges. To succeed, they must understand and navigate the intricate legal terrain governing this digital landscape. This comprehensive guide equips craft alcohol makers with the knowledge needed to harmonize creativity with compliance, ensuring a strong online presence while upholding the integrity of their brand and industry.

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